Perfect Solutions Audio was born out of my hobby of playing with recording and putting many of my tapes and vinyl records onto CDs. It has now grown into something a little larger, with friends and family getting me to convert some of their recordings into some sort of digital format or modern media.

I don't have sophisticated equipment, I don't usually spend time remastering the recordings for better quality, I don't guarantee that your audio cassette won't choose to commit suicide in my deck, and I don't charge for my services.

Most of what what I do can be done with a very simple setup, and using mostly free or cheap software.

This is a hobby, not a business, and as of right now I have no intentions of turning it into a business. You will NOT be billed. Donations are accepted, but neither encouraged or discouraged and I reserve the right to deny my services to any individual or organization at any time.

Due to the instability of most media, I make no guarantees or promises regarding the state of your media upon its return to you, regardless of the the age or condition of the media when I receive it.

By asking me to do any PSAudio work for you you agree to the terms outlined in this document.

Perfect Solutions Audio is a part of the PSDigital dictatorship.